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  • Accurately Fits Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses Guarantee - 18% Light Transmission, 12%-40% (For Photochromic Lenses), 75% (For Yellow Lenses), 99% (For Clear Lenses)
  • 100% POLARIZED (For Polarized Lenses Only) - High Precision Polarized Technology Effectively Reduces Eye Strain By Decreasing Glare From Reflective Surfaces Such As Wather, Snow, Highway Asphalt And Sands. Our Own Lens-Tech Obviously Enhances Clarity And Contrast, Let Every Detail Is Crisper And Cleaner Without Glare Or Harmful UV, Making Your Eyes Are Completely Relaxed.
  • Impact Resistant - MRY Lenses Are Very Lightweight, Durable And Impact Resistant Thant Meet Or Exceed The ANSI Z80.3 And EN 1836:2005 Standards. And All MRY Manufactured Lenses Are Also Pass The FDA Standard 21 CFR 801.410 For Lens Impact Resistance.
  • Mirror Coating - EX-Mirrored Tech Is A Color Mirror Layer Made Of Insulated Materials, Which Was Developed To Reflect Heat Off Of Satellites. There Is About 4 Nanometers Thickness Of Layer On The Lens Surface. This Mirror Layer Can Completely Shields Your Eyes From Excessive Direct Heat And From Harmful UV Rays. At The Same Time It Optimizes The Usable Light That Passes Through The Lens For Specific Environments And Activities, Can Also Hide The Eye Of The Wearer Maximum Privacy For You.
  • UV Protection - 100% Block UVA, UVB & UVC Rays. The Suns UV Rays May Cause Eye Conditions That Can Lead To Severe Vision Disorders, Exposure Eyes To UV Radiation May Harm The Eyes ,Some Other Components Of Solar Radiation May Affect Eye Vision Also.So Please Choose The Right Sunglasses & Lenses At These Times And Occasions When Working And Enjoying Leisure Time!

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